Homework – Optional

At TCS we are trialling being mostly homework-free for Years 1-6. The only thing students will be required to do is read every night. Students will be given a reader to take home every night in Years 1-4. In Years 5-8, children will be given a book to take home and read one chapter from each night. They will discuss their book in class with friends.

In Years 7-8 students will be given one inquiry project per term. In Years 9-10 students will be given assignments to complete and encouraged to follow a study regime.

If parents want to work on skills at home, they are welcome to select from the links below. We encourage this to not be a time-consuming experience because we want our children to be children and enjoy their time relaxing, exploring and creating after school.

Sight words

First 100 sight words to learn to read
First 100 sight words to learn to write

Essential Spelling List

We aim for children to know:
20 % of the words by the end of Year 1
40 % of the words by the end of Year 2
70 % of the words by the end of Year 3
100 % of the words by the end of Year 4

Scripture Resources


Maths Activities


Online Homework Websites

https://www.studyladder.co.nz/ – best suited for Years 1-6
https://www.khanacademy.org/ – best suited for Years 7-10

I Cans

What Our Children Are Working Towards in Maths, Reading and Writing
I Cans Years 1 and 2
I Cans Years 3 and 4
I Cans Years 5 and 6
I Cans Years 7 and 8

How you can help at home