Who We Are

Timaru Christian School is a decile 8, Year 1-10 state integrated school with approximately 130 students. We are a non-denominational Christian school so we have families who attend a wide range of Christian churches in our area.

The vision of Timaru Christian School is Christ-centred learners with servant hearts. Our vision applies to everyone from Board members to staff to students as we are all learners, here to serve God and others.

Our values are Love and Grace through Servanthood, Truth and Perseverance. These are aspects of our culture which are encouraged and lived out through our curriculum, our language and our interactions.

We are proud of the diversity of our school community. With around 14 cultures represented in our school family, and a large number of students who understand two or more languages, we celebrate the diversity of God’s people. In 2017 we became signatories to the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016, allowing us to enrol international students as well.

Our teaching team for 2022 consists of Mrs Thompson with Years 1 and 2, Miss McKie with Years 2 and 3, Mrs Knewstubb and Mrs Ross with Years 3 and 4, Mrs Hamilton with Years 5 and 6, Mr Pretorius with Years 5 and 6, Mr Cuthbertson with Years 7 and 8, and Mrs Lovely with Years 9 and 10. Mrs Marr and Mrs Shipley are our regular relievers. Mrs Rentoul is the Principal and Mr Phillips is the Deputy Principal and SENCO Co-ordinator.

Our support staff include Mrs Clevely (Office Administrator), Mrs and Mr Anisy (Cleaners), Mr Rentoul (Caretaker), Mrs Phillips, Mrs Uys, Mrs Lagesse, Mrs Tytler, Mr Duthie, Mrs Plant and Miss Rentoul (Teacher Aides).

Our Board of Trustees is made up of the principal, staff trustee, 5 parent-elected trustees, and 2 proprietor trustees. They are responsible for governing the school and ensuring it is meeting its targets and goals.

Our Trust Board is made up of Mr Bryan Rapsey, the proprietor, and 4 other trustees. They are responsible for the buildings and our school’s Special Character.